The Academic Value-Added award gives recognition to schools for its capacity to value-add to the academic potential of the pupils. The school has been receiving the academic value-added award since 2006.

The Lee Hsien Loong Award for Innovations in the Normal Course is a special award by MOE to give recognition to schools for commendable innovations and strong outcomes in the Normal Stream education. The school received this award in 2012. The Outstanding Development Award (ODA) for Character Development (CD) gives recognition to schools that have innovative, sustainable and exemplary approaches to character development. The Award focuses on the schools’ processes, systems and structures that are put in place in a school to develop good character in their students. Our school was awarded the ODA for CD in 2010. The Outstanding Development Award (ODA) for National Education (NE) gives recognition to schools for their NE efforts to develop in our young, the instinct for survival, national cohesion and confidence in our future. Our school was awarded the ODA for NE in 2010.   The Outstanding Partners Award was given to the school in recognition of its excellent efforts and commitment in collaboration with its stakeholders such as parents, the alumni and the School Advisory Committee. Our school was awarded the merit award in 2004 and received the outstanding award in 2006. The Sustained Achievement Award (SSA) for Aesthetics gives recognition to the school for its ability in sustaining good outcomes for at least two Aesthetics CCAs over three consecutive years. Our school was awarded the SAA (Aesthetics) in 2010 and received its second award in 2011. The school adopts the Rigour and Relevance (R&R) Framework as the over-arching pedagogical approach to guide curriculum design, instruction and assessment.  R&R is entrenched deeply on the six levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy to establish rigour in  curriculum design and lesson planning. It leverages on the Application Model, which advocates the use of authentic, real-world situations to make lessons relevant and meaningful to learners.   R& R is adopted school wide, across all curricula, to enhance teachers’ competencies in lesson planning and instructional delivery, both of which are integral to excite and engage students in learning.  

In the quest for methodologies to present learning in meaningful ways, without increasing the workload of the staff. the  5-in-1 approach was adopted.   This approach  allows for the integration of programmes for better resource management and deployment. It reduces work load, promotes good coordination, synergistic collaboration between departments and owners of programmes. Teachers who experienced the benefits of the 5-in-1 approach advocate similar practices in lesson planning, the conduct of CCA activities and  student leadership development progamme. 

The People Developer Award gives recognition to the school for its excellence in the niche standard for people. The niche standard provides organisations with a total approach to managing people and achieving high performance through its people systems. The school was awarded the People Developer Award in 2007 and the certification was renewed in 2010.

This logo amalgamates the tree of knowledge with the key initials of Design Education.The white centre at the pinnacle signifies the concept of design, encompassing the various disciplines of knowledge, application, and insight.The leaves extend radially, representing our purpose as a Centre Of Excellence promoting the multiple perspectives of Design Education



Date Event
Dec 17 Thu Release of GCE N-Level results
Dec 23 Wed Sec 1 Registration
Jan 4 2016 Mon Start of new school year




We are proud of you, Abdul Hammirruddin (Sec 401)! 

Good job in the display of fine sportsmanship and integrity during the 7th ASEAN Schools Games held in Brunei Darussalam in Nov 2015.
Keep it up!

Our students in action during the November Holidays

We are also proud of our students for their enthusiastic participation in the school's Education & Career Guidance (ECG) Work Attachment Programme in October - November 2015. The Sec 3s took the initiative to sign up for job shadowing and attachment opportunities in various industries and spent their holidays wisely. 
These sectors include: 
(a) Infocomm Technology (IT) - GoIT programme at Tata Consultancy Services, an IT international conglomerate 
(b) Tourism/Nature Conservation - marine youth ambassadors at S.E.A. Aquarium @ Resorts World Sentosa
(c) Hospitality - serving at the Front Desk and F&B sections of Hilton Hotel
(d) Healthcare - shadowing doctors and nurses at SATA during the Doctors-on-Wheels programme 
(e) Dentistry - shadowing dentists at My Dentist's Clinique, and
(f) Early Childhood Education - shadowing the professionals at MyFirstSkool kindergarten.



Enjoy a glimpse of some of our school's key events and achievements in 2015: